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Our product range caters for most elements within the glass fitting industry from safety wear to specialist tool kits. Currently we have over two hundred items we produce or supply in our Automotive Glass Tools catalogue. Included in the product range are a large number of replacement blades for a variety of different knives.

However our product range does not only cater to the car trade side of glass fitting, we also manufacture and supply automotive glass tools for the coach/bus, train and plant glass replacement industry.

The windscreen tools we manufacture ourselves are all made with the highest quality in mind and therefore during the manufacturing process continuous inspections are performed to make sure the products are fit for the purpose they are designed for.

All products within our range are designed specifically for their intended use. This enables the user to perform their job safely and efficiently. All the specialist products are made on site at our factory in Sheffield (U.K.). The range is all hand made from the best quality materials but still at affordable and competitive prices.

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Introducing the Windscreen Wizard

Remove a whole windscreen in minutes!

Designed in conjunction with specialist engineer, windscreen removal companies and windscreen technician experts, the Windscreen Wizard is the perfect solution for a modern day windscreen wire removal system.

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