A Look into the Different Types of Utility Knife Blades

Utility knives come in many forms and sizes, but all of them make an essential component of your everyday toolkit. Many products may have come and gone, but these knives retain their loyal patrons and users due to their durability and versatility.

Hunting for the Right Knives

When buying utility knives, it is best to look for replacement blades if there are any. This way, you can choose to buy both at the same time. It's more hassle-free this way. No matter how careful you are with your tools or how heavy-duty the product appears to be, there are some days when unexpected things happen. You also have to buy the knives and blades from a reliable source. While they are mostly affordable, you would always want to get your money's worth no matter your purchase.

There are different kinds of utility knives and blades, and here are only some: 

Long Craft Knife Heavy-Duty 

This craft knife is best for people who enjoy crafts and the arts. The blade allows the carving of intricate details and lines on a variety of surfaces. It's fun to use since it is light. It has a soft handle that doesn't easily slip, making it effective and safe at the same time.

Olfa Knife 9mm A

This Olfa cutter has a retractable blade that you can push when needed and retract to keep it safe when in storage. Despite the size and the colourful body, this cutter is proven to be heavy-duty. It can cut through hard materials, but it is recommended to use it in crafts and lighter elements to keep the blade in a fine shape for a long time. The blade's size is 9mm A, a handy tool you can bring wherever you go. 

Dash Blade Knife

This knife blade is known to have a very sharp and somehow pointed tip. The tip is used to puncture a material before one can continue cutting the material with precision. This knife blade is mainly used in puncturing fabrics and other plastic materials. Due to this reason, many people have it in their homes. The dash blade is also used in the construction industry, mainly when puncturing bags of cement when necessary. While many other knife blades are not helpful when cutting plastics, this dash blade is handy.

Heavy-Duty Crafts Blade Knife

Among the most helpful knife blades is the heavy-duty crafts knife blade. You can use it when cutting fish and poultry. It works faster than many knife blades. The blade knife is used when one needs to cut off a slice of something. The knife is also used to slice rubber and wood easily. Most of them are usually made from stainless steel, ensuring that they don't rust. The knife blade is also long and narrow for better slicing of a material. It also ensures that the cut slice is uniform.

18mm Stanley Knife Blade

The 18mm Stanley knife blade is vital because it is used to cut thick materials. It is also important to note that you cannot use the Stanley knife for cutting wood. The knife blade can be easily used by people to cut through any plastic material.


Bottom Line

At JT Handtools, we ensure that we provide you with the best knife blades for different purposes depending on your preference. We also ensure that once our customers have purchased the knife blades, we deliver your items fast. We have an efficient customer service and have a pool of knowledgeable people always on a standby to answer your call. You can reach us at 01142 44 99 89 or sales@jthandtools.co.uk.